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Bentley Global is a leading importer and exporter of products to customers in different parts of the word. We offer LCL, container loads and import/export services which are competitively priced to meet your needs.

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Bentley is a very well-known and popular logistics company. They deliver goods to 130+ countries internationally. If you want your clients to be satisfied with their order, go with Bentley first!

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Logistics and Shipping

Bentley Global has a wide array of logistics services that can be tailored to your company's needs. Whether you need integrated logistics, warehouse management, ship owning, or anything in between--Bentley is here for you.

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In today's economy it's harder than ever to find your niche. Our online eCommerce services can give you a competitive edge. Bentley Global offers product presentation, search engine optimization and more!

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Bentley Global Outsourcing and Exporting

Bentley Global General Trading Company

Bentley Global USA is a reputable company that specializes in procurement, supply, and trading services. They have vast financial and credit assets to help you achieve your goals. Our business deals in a wide variety of products across different sectors and we have strong connections with some of the most well-known brands around the world.

Bentley Global is an international logistics company that focuses on procurement of supplies, shipping and offers a wide range of products to clients all over the world. They can offer whatever their customer’s needs are while providing excellent service.

With our diverse range of skills, we specialize in complex projects to provide one-stop solutions for a diverse set of industries. We can also help international companies better communicate with their suppliers and local staff. We offer a service that is both cost-effective and high-quality. We are company committed to produce text of the highest quality.

Bentley Global Products

Our Product Line

Bentley Global General Trading Company in USA specializes in a range of products and goods, including but not limited to the following:

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8 Years of Excellence in Providing Quality and Safe Products


Bentley Global General Trading Company USA is a company with a prestigious history that has been providing distribution and import services since its establishment in 2002. It specializes in sourcing products from different parts of the world such as Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and GCC.


General Trading Company

Facts About Bentley Global

Bentley Global is a global leader in the international trading. Our company has the privilege of working with some of the most successful businesses in the world. Our wide network of strategic alliances, strong relationships, and global reach allows us to supply a diverse range of products for customers to buy from all over the world.

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Quality Products & Equipment Suppliers Serving The World

We offer high-quality products, sourced from the best designers and retailers all over the world.
At The Bentley Global , we are passionate about finding the most high-quality products from around the world and bringing them to you. We take your suggestions into consideration, as well.

We are a reliable and trustworthy trading and procurement company in USA
Our company has been trading for over a decade and is a reliable and trustworthy supplier of goods. We are experienced in the import and export trade, as well as sourcing products that meet your needs.

Bentley Global  General Trading Company is situated in the heart of the capital. The company has achieved success over the years by following a strict code of ethics and principles. Bentley Global General Trading Company offers a wide range of services to clients worldwide ranging from commodities, import export and food to industrial machinery’s

We have a clear overarching goal: to provide our customers with top quality products and to maximize returns for shareholders.
A company exists to create a product that satisfies the needs of its customers and to maximize returns for its shareholders. This means they must take the responsibility of their business seriously and always be aware of their long-term goals.