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Bentley Global Foodstuff Company in USA Ensure You Get Goods You Want

We pride ourselves on being a Bentley Global foodstuff company that provides total solutions by catering to all your needs.

Bentley Global  Trading Company in USA had humble beginnings and has grown to become one of the most reliable exporters of high-quality Foodstuff products in USA, with a presence in the country and across the region.

Bentley Global offers a diverse range of products that have been able to be established by some of the most renowned brands. They specialize in a variety of tea, rice, grains & spices and also offer these goods to supermarkets, hotels and other relevant markets.

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Our procedures are safe, ethical and follow international standards. We have put great effort into making sure our supply chain is HACCP compliant and that products can be safely processed

We offer only the best products and services which our clients have come to expect. We specialize in both quality, affordability, and availability.

Bentley Global Foodstuff Products

Our Foodstuff Products Line

Bentley Global  General Trading Company is committed to providing the following premium quality foods:

Pakistani Rice

Pakistani Rice

We trade in a range of Pakistani rice species such as organic and common. We also offer fresh and dried Pakistani rice brand.
Saudi Dates

Saudi Dates

Premium quality dates, one of the leading suppliers of dates in the England and the world. We offer the best and fresh dates on the market.


We are a retail and wholesale trader of spices in the world. We offer our clients fine quality spices, pulses, and spice powders.


We sells grains to customers around the world. We source our products straight from farmers. Our grains are used for both feed and milling.
Kenyan Tea

Kenyan Tea

Among the Kenya teas Bentley Global supplies include oolong tea, green tea, black ctc tea, orthodox tea, and purple tea.
Dry Fruit

Dry Fruit

High-Quality Dry Fruit from Iran and Turkey include Cashew, Walnuts, Raisin, Pistachio, and more.

The reasons customers choose our foodstuff products?

The customers of our company rely on the following qualities that we guarantee for all of our products:

Shipping at the speed of light, we ship our food products the same day they are ordered. Whether you need it urgently or not, we will strive to ship to you in time.
We provide more than 200 food product types that are sourced from different parts of the world. You’ll be able to order a product that you may not be able to find anywhere else in your local market.

We are a company that provides food products for our clients. We have a wide range of products that we provide to our customers. We offer solutions to the problems of our customers and help them with their business.

The food products we provide are meant to solve problems for our clients. We receive numerous commissions from customers worldwide and help them with their business through these commissions.

We are a team of professional advisers. We will become your brain and help you with any doubts that you may have. We are always available to talk to our clients, to settle any doubts and answer their questions.
Bentley Global provides a continuous supply via a vast network of sources all over the world. We have partner in all the continents and in more than 100 countries. The company has a global network of suppliers, which allows them to provide any product or service at any time, and in any quantity.
We are merchants working with manufacturers and producers that follow all health and safety standards in food production. We ensure worry-free products.

Why Choose Us

When you choose Bentley Global foodstuff trading company in USA, you are choosing the best food product merchants in the market. Here are our advantages:


Exceptional Support

Our support team will be there for you if you have any concerns or have any questions. We want to deliver the most value with absolutely no hassle


Easy to Work With

We want to make customer service as pleasant and straightforward as possible. To do this, we make sure the process is easy for everyone- from answering questions or buying products.

Quality Assured

Quality & Affordable

Bentley Global has been committed to providing quality products that are affordable for our customers. In the food industry, we always strive to provide products that cost less but are still high-quality.