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It’s easy to see how a procurement solution can improve business activities. They provide a smooth journey from sourcing, payments, and management of suppliers.

Procurement help can reduce costs and become a useful process enhancement. It’s the vision, not always making it happen, that is the challenge.

The procurement cycle includes many processes, various stakeholders and sometimes unknown prices. A number of different approaches are used in the process of procurement, which results in administration or uncertainty.


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Procurement solutions can reduce operational cost and increase process efficiency, which in turn adds value to the business. The challenge has often not been with the idea itself, but making it happen.

There are a number of processes involved in the procurement cycle, each with its own stakeholders and unpredictable price. There are also complicating factors, such as unregulated pricing and administrative efforts. These problems create risks that may lead to high prices and suspicious actions on the buyers’ side.

Bentley Global is a trading company that provides procurement services in London. We aim to provide you with the resources and service you need to be successful in your business, whether you need equipment, materials or services.

Our vast experience in sourcing and supplying enables us to make sure we find you the best products for your needs, regardless of where they are coming from. We will also provide professional advice as well as technical support.
If you have any purchase or commodities requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Bentley Global. We’ll be more than happy to fulfill them whatever they might be.

Our USA procurement and supplies outsourcing services implements the best practices of procurement in every project. We don’t just buy raw materials and deliver them to you; we help you manage your projects too with technical expertise.

We can offer to fulfill your corporate or personal requests for stock refilling, order call-offs of maintenance or new products and goods. We have a database of vendors that covers the widest possible range of products and goods, enabling us to offer you the best products you need.

in London, England,

Benefits of Procurement Outsourcing Services

Cut Operating Costs

Align your workflow processes with the needs of your company to increase agility and reassess high-tech tools to automate efficiency.

Improved Spend Savings

Utilizing organizational and supplier data can help an organization to gather valuable insights that could, in turn, improve supply chain flexibility and pricing.

Improve Investor Confidence

Address sustainability and supply diversity to meet the expectations of investors and be able to speed up production processes with modern technology.

Our Proceurement Services

The following procurement outsourcing services are offered by Bentley Global trading company, located in USA:

Source to Contract

Bentley Global offers affordable and reliable sourcing services for those who are seeking products to supply. We have a broad background in many industries, allowing us to find the best suppliers for you.

Purchase to Receive

We've improved the Buyer-to-Seller rating feedback process with a focus on customers from all over the globe.

Invoice to Pay

We combine procurement and accounts payable to put in place the appropriate progressive policies and deliver a much more efficient workflow.

Source to Pay Analytics

Bentley Global has a series of advanced analytics that are crucial to identifying profitable solutions like payment terms optimization and optimizing your tail spend with suppliers.

Why Choose Us

Before you get started, we want to share some of the reasons why Bentley Global is such a fantastic partner:



One of the services we provide is product procurement for clients. A degree of complexity surrounds this process and we offer our expertise to simplify it by tailoring good solutions accordingly.



Materials could be expensive and as labor increases, so too does cost. You can however always be confident of acquiring our quality product within your budget

Honest & Reliable

Reliable Solutions

Bentley Global can monitor and find out inefficient use of resources across your business and recommend more streamlined ways to do things that would be more effective.



We are a general trading company with connections all over the world. We operate in different countries like Asia, Africa, the United States of America, Europe and others.