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Guaranteeing Strategic Sourcing & Supply Services. We Bring the World Right to You

At Bentley Global, we provide a full range of sourcing, supply and logistics services to help you get the best possible prices. Our team is experienced in the industry and they will work with you to ensure that your business is well-supported. We have warehouses located in USA to ensure your delivery time frames get met.


Expand Your Customer Base with Bentley Global Redefined Online Business

This section will explore the benefits of expanding your customer base by leveraging a global market.
Expanding your customer base is often seen as a way to grow your business, but it can also be an opportunity to diversify the revenue stream and reduce risk.
A Bentley Global market offers businesses the opportunity to sell products or services in other countries, which can help them expand their customer base and reach new markets.

Why Choose Us

We have served countless customers from across the globe at Bentley Global General Trading Company. The following qualities enable us to cultivate this success:



Our organization specialists in sourcing and customizing products from all corners of the world. This requires a deep understanding of markets and commercial know-how.



We have a lot of years experience in supplying goods, and our relationships with our partners means that we can offer competitive pricing.

Quality Products


Bentley Global partners with the best manufacturers, producers, and suppliers in the world to make sure we can bring you the best products.

Honest & Reliable


We offer low-risk products that provide hassle-free service. Moreover, our products are of the highest quality and best in market.



We have an established network of warehouses in England, where all our products are stocked and ready for immediate delivery.

Quality Assured

Quality Products

All our products are machined from the finest quality raw materials and ingredients. Every product is manufactured and distributed with accompanying documentation outlining quality inspection results.