Day to Day Procurement & Supplies Services in USA

This is great, you have signed up for Guaranteeing Strategic Sourcing Services. What a great new service! Now you can provide all your customers with the best of the latest products, not just in your home country but from all over the world.

Partner with Us | Solid Players In MENA & Globally

At Bentley Global , we thrive because of our integrity, dedication, and desire to provide quality supplies to clients across the globe.

We’re seeking passionate individuals who want to work with us as investors & stakeholders. Work with us, and you’ll notice a difference in your marketing, distribution, and representation. We’ve got fantastic experience in this industry to prove it. Bentley Global is looking for international partners who want to promote their products in the Middle East North Africa region. Our offerings include e-commerce platforms. We are a regional distributor with a good reputation and can help you expand your customer base. We provide our partners with marketing advice and support as well as exporting and importing goods to organizations who are interested in working in the MENA region.

Bentley Global helps businesses gain access to global markets through its networks in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. They have been tested and found to be effective for business-to-business communication.We are looking for you, if you are a manufacturer of brands and products.

Procurement solutions can save on costs and make process more efficient, which in turn add value to the business. The challenge has not been with the vision, but making it a reality.

There are a lot of steps and processes that take place in the procurement cycle, as well as many different stakeholders from different areas of the company. Usually prices are not regulated, so this process can also be “questionable”.

Bentley Global  general trading offers a broad repertoire of procurement solutions tailored to satisfy any customer need. These are designed to help customers find the best deal when sourcing equipment, materials and other services.

Our specialists have extensive sourcing abilities, industry expertise and are able to offer sustainable supply guarantees to our clients. They provide invaluable advice on any technical or professional matters that may come up.

Bentley Global  welcomes any type of purchase or commodity requests, as you may need for your company or project.

Our USA procurement and supplies outsourcing services offer you the expertise to execute your procurement functions on best practices throughout each procurement project.

We can help you to refill stock, have the materials and products you need for maintenance or new projects. We have a database with vendors that offers the best products.

Benefits of Partnering with Bentley Global

Here are the advantages of working with us as partnership

Cut Operating Costs

Cut Operating Costs

Partnering with us means that you'll be able to share the financial burden for expenses related to your product distribution and transportation.
Build Your Capacity

Build Your Capacity

What we offer is a strategic relationship which entails sharing responsibilities as well as resources. When you join Bentley Global, you gain access to the company resources we share and can dedicate your energy to aspects of the business that are most suitable for your skillset.
More Opportunities

More Opportunities

Working with Bentley Global will increase your productivity and give you more flexibility. This will allow you to take advantage of more business opportunities.
Knowledge and

Knowledge and Expertise

Partnering with Bentley Global means you have access to a broad range of expertise in the various aspects of your business. Together, we can make even better use of complementary skills & implement innovative concepts.

Why Choose Us

When you work with Bentley Global, you are choosing a reputable partner with the following benefits:



We have extensive expertise in outsourced product procurement. We know the complications of the process and use our knowledge to tailor good solutions



Materials could be costly and this may increase as labor grows. But with us, you can always be sure of getting quality within your budget.

Honest & Reliable

Reliable Solutions

Bentley Global can analyze and discover bottlenecks of various likes and introduce streamlined and proper process changes.



We are a US-based general trading company with a global outreach. Our operations span Asia, Africa, the USA, Europe, and more.